First Amendment of The U.S Constitution
Protects Free Speech and demands
it NOT BE diminished by laws.
Fosac Mission
Clarify the meaning of “Free Speech”,
by raising social awareness and
removing/replacing laws that diminish it.
Initial Efforts – Race
Misuse in race relations unintentionally deprives citizens of Free Speech.
Word Slave Plantations
The misuse of Free Speech creates closed environments
that cannot be escaped by its members and cannot be penetrated
by non-members. We call this a “Word Slave Plantation”.
Two-Fold Thrust
Redefine racially charged words
into acceptable meanings; and promote governmental
use of an alternative means of identification
other than race.  Specifically, skin color
shall be identified as an integer on a scale from
0 to 10. (0 is the color of snow and 10 is the
color of an unlit room).
Funding of these efforts shall be through
the sale of message products and donations.
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