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Trump on rally shutdown: ‘What ever happened to free speech?’

Donald Trump expressed frustration on having to cancel his rally in Chicago on Friday night in a phone interview on MSNBC.  “It’s a little bit sad when you can’t have a rally in a major city in this country … What ever happened to free speech? What ever happened to the right to get together?”

Trump’s rally was called off due to security concerns after massive protests erupted around the event venue.”I didn’t want to see the real violence and that’s why I decided to call it off,” Trump said.

Trump supporters and protesters clashed at the event, even after the announcement of its cancellation, and several fist fights broke out.

When MSNBC host Chris Matthews asked Trump if he thought the violence and protests would hurt his campaign, he said he thought such incidents might increase his votes.

He said he thinks his campaign would be credited for deciding to put off the event.

Despite brawls at the event, no one has been reported seriously hurt.

Matthews pushed Trump, arguing that such backlash against his event should have been expected given the large Hispanic and black populations in Chicago.

No Good Reason To Limit Free Speech

“Whether it’s black, Hispanic, it shouldn’t matter,” Trump said. “We shouldn’t be restricted from having a rally here.”

In a later interview with Fox News, when Trump was asked if he believed the protests were aimed at him, he said: “No, I think this is a demonstration against economic conditions on both sides.”

“Our nation is totally divided. In many ways it’s divided, and one of the ways it’s divided is white-black. We have so many different sets of divisions and hopefully we’ll be able to bring it together. I’m a unifier. President Obama has not been a unifier, he’s been a divider. I’m a unifier, I’ll bring people together.”

Trump’s events this week have been marked by outbursts of violence – videos surfaced of one black man getting sucker punched in the face and another with a bloodied face and nose.

Source:  The Hill

Freedom of Speech Under Attack on College Campuses

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, Emily Jashinsky of Young America’s Foundation discussed the importance of freedom of speech on college campuses after students at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine were impeached for wearing sombreros at a tequila party.

Jashinsky argued this wasn’t the only college campus where freedom of speech has been tampered with in America.

The Boiling Point, Freedom of Speech Disallowed

“Mizzou [University of Missouri] to us is really the boiling point… You had a great example that you covered last week. Ben Shapiro’s speech at California State University Los Angles, that is a place where students were protesting a speaker violently. There were violent protests at CSU, L.A. It is literally under attack. Free speech is literally under attack on college campuses,” she said.

While Jashinsky wouldn’t call herself a Trump supporter, she explained how these incidents correlate to America’s infatuation with the Republican frontrunner.

The University Experience Is Merely Sensitivity Training

“Students are in these academic institutions where they are supposed to be addressing these serious issues and they can’t. They are in a four-year long advertisement for liberalism and sensitivity. It’s literally four years of sensitivity training. I just graduated from college in May and I can tell you firsthand, you are getting emails all the time about diversity and sensitivity and all of this nonsense and you’re not talking about the serious problems.” she said.

Source:  Fox News